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Площадь выращивания: 1 ha


Blauburgunder, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zweigelt

A boutique winery at the highest level

The red wine manufactory is a family business owning slightly more than two hectare of wine fields, which are constantly expanded. 1992 everything started with a small wineyard – “a cask for me and my friends” is the primary intention of Wolfgang Wandraschek. The contents of this cask finally win the manufactorys first Falstaff award. This was the beginning of a small, elegant boutique winery. Attention to detail and unconditional perfection are essential to each member of the family. All wines are stored in french oak barrels for two years, so they grow harmonious, firm and clear. The family intends to give the wines the time they need so that they can mature and guarantee years of enjoyment and great taste.

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