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Junger Österreicher 2017

Advertising Materials Junger Österreicher 2017

The following advertising materials are produced by the AWMB and given to producers - free of charge in small quantities, for a fee in larger quantities.

Table Displaysup to 50 items. for freeadditional items 0,1 € each
Posterup to 20 items. for freeadditional items 0,3 € each

You will get the advertising materials here:

ÖWI Handels GmbH
Josef Hafner Straße 4
2100 Korneuburg
Tel.:+43 (2262) 62546 (Fax: DW 9)
E-Mail: bestellung@oewi.at

Terms of use:

The AWMB provides the JÖ logo until further notice, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • the advertised wine must be Austrian Qualitätswein of the vintage 2017 with an offical approval number,
  • no cloudy wines under the brand "Junger Österreicher" may be advertised,
  • the advertised wine may not be sold at a fixed retail price lower than 3 € / bottle, and
  • The JÖ logo may only be used in the original size of the bottle stickers (5 x 1.8 cm) on bottles, labels, etc.