Винный саммит

“Если ты путешествуешь, то потом тебе есть что рассказать”. Вот почему Австрийский Совет Винного Маркетинга часто организует поездки и экскурсии в австрийские винодельческие регионы для зарубежных импортеров и виноторговцев, сомелье и журналистов.

© ÖWM / Marcus Wiesner

Wine Summit 2019

The biennial Wine Summit (always in "Non-VieVinum" years), to which up to 200 wine professionals, mainly journalists, from all over the world will be invited, will take place from 22nd to 27th May AND from 25th to 30th May.

The highlight will be a one-day conference in Vienna on 26th May on the topic of Austrian wine history and Terroir-Interfaces in the Heart of Europe. This day marks the end for our first visitors (from 22nd to 27th May) and the beginning for our subsequent visitors (from 25th to 30th May). The day finds its grand finale in the big “Austrian Wine Party” on this evening in Vienna.

Before and after the conference, the participants have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and make new contacts during the wine tours.

© ÖWM/ Marcus Wiesner

Wine Summit Trips 2019

  • Vineyard Interfaces in the Heart of Europe
  • Journey along the Danube

More information soon.