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Новости о нас 2013

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[Translate to Russisch:] Ham and High, 21.11.2013

 –  Liz Sagues informs about the outstanding red grape variety Blaufränkisch and outlines some insights oft he Blaufränkisch Masterclass held on 6th November 2013 in London. Прочитайте больше

 –  In this article, the diversity of Grüner Veltliner is discussed. Прочитайте больше

 –  The stand of Austrian Wine Marketing Board is presented. Прочитайте больше

 –  The article describes the pairing of Austrian Wines and Japanese Teppan-Yaki-style food. Прочитайте больше

 –  Dr. Choi gives an overview of Austria as a wine country after his trip. Прочитайте больше

 –  Irina Klimenko describes the wine growing region Styria. Прочитайте больше

 –  Francesco Falcone presents the Austrian Wine country as well as wines from Kamptal, Wachau and Wagram. Прочитайте больше

 –  The features of the Eisenberg in Burgenland. Wineries, DAC and tips for trips. Прочитайте больше

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